Martin Nederland/KLS Martin

For KLS Martin, this motto is more than a claim - it is a commitment as well. The claim is based on our continuous effort to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative solutions. The commitment shows in the result: all parties involved - from sales partners to users to patients - can be sure to get a solution of impeccable quality that satisfies the highest demands.

Each and every one of these innovations has been developed, tested and optimized in close collaboration with users, physicians, surgeons and scientists. In fact, many of them have come to be considered the "gold standard" in their respective field of application.

Let us give you a few examples that highlight our passion and determination in searching for surgical innovations and improving the resulting products in an ongoing process. An excellent example is the various osteosynthesis systems developed by the Strasbourg Osteosynthesis Research Group (S.O.R.G.) centered around Professor Champy, along with the distractors optimized later by the so-called "Zurich Design". Or consider our advanced clean-room production facilities for manufacturing the resorbable implants that are at the heart of our SonicWeld Rx® system. Or take the KLS Martin laser systems operating on a wavelength that is just perfect for resecting pulmonary metastases.

Most importantly, however, our claim includes a commitment to openness and flexibility. KLS Martin is always ready to explore new surgical application territory. This doesn't necessarily include all fields - because it's the focus and the expertise that count.